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Restaurant Itacarezinho
Rodovia Itacaré/Serra Grande Km 15
Praia de Itacarezinho
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☎ +55 73 - 3251 2450 / 73 - 99931 1852

Sofistication and simplicity surended by luxurious vegetation between ocean and rainforest come to discover this paradise on earth and enjoy the flavors of our gastronomie. Coktails, seafood, Bahia's specialties and international cuisine are in the menu.

Itacarezinho Restaurant was established in 2001 and has since become a reference for delicious gastronomy in the region. This beachfront restaurant is located on Km 50 of the highway which links Ilheus and Itacare (BA 001), amid an extensive and exclusive Coconut and Cocoa farm and in one of Brazil’s most beautiful beaches. Itacarezinho offers a haven of luxury and relaxation, catering to both local and international guests looking to enjoy mouthwatering dishes with local spices and sophisticated flavors, while relaxing in a breathtaking setting.

Contact: Restaurante Itacarezinho
☎ +55 73 - 3251 2450 / 73 - 99931 1852


Neutral Carbon Tourism Certification Building a Carbon Free Destination
In Itacaré and Serra Grande, look for the «Carbon Free Tourism Certification Program» seal exposed in hotels, restaurants and other services. The funds gathered through the program are redirected to traditional small-scale farmers to plant trees which will neutralize CO² emissions of the program contributors.

🌳 Carbon Free Certification Program
🌳 Carbon-Free Certified Services
Program directed by the Movimento Mecenas da Vida (Patrons for Life Movement)

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